The QP Forum App


Just download the QP Forum app and get access to the following functions. Please note that some of the functions require an Internet connection.


Take a look at the agenda - it shows you every lecture with date and time and with the speaker(s). To download the presentations as PDF (once they are available) and to get updates, you need an internet connection.


Are you curious about the main speakers? In the app you will find all the details! Check out the speakers and learn more about their sessions and their topics.


Thanks to the push notifications, you will not miss any update on the event directly on your smartphone or tablet (requires internet connection).

Feedback on lectures and speakers

With the app you can easily rate every lecture and speaker directly! When you open a lecture, you will see five stars underneath the lecture title and the date and time, allowing you to rate this lecture with 1 (=very bad) to 5 (very good) stars. When you tap on the speaker of this lecture underneath you can also rate rate the speaker of the lecture directly. Of course you can also rate a speaker directly when tapping on any of the speakers in the speakers list.

You will find the QP Forum App in the Apple and in the Google Play Store - search for PharmaEvents. In PharmaEvents just click on the app for the QP Forum.


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