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The European Qualified Person (QP) Association was founded on 7 July 2006 by the European Compliance Academy’s (ECA) Advisory Board Members. With this unique association the ECA wants to provide QPs in Europe with a platform allowing them to exchange their experience, discuss the latest regulatory requirements, to identify and address difficulties and challenges and to support a harmonised European approach. More information about the QP Association and a membership application form are available at

Learn more on the European QP Association website.

Concept Heidelberg is Europe’s leading advanced training and information services provider in the area of pharmaceutical quality assurance and drug safety. It is the ECA’s exclusive partner and has been entrusted with managing the complete process. This goes from marketing to the organisation and the registration of all ECA events. Concept Heidelberg is also working for many other not for profit organisations (e.g. Universities and Industry Associations) that do not have own resources for conference management.

Learn more on the CONCEPT HEIDELBERG website.

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